Wednesday, June 29, 2005

My cousin Dylan

I love to sit with my cousin Dylan. He is so much bigger than me and can do all sorts of really funny things. He made me laugh when he kicked his ball and when he jumped up and down. We also played with my butterfly.
IMG_7292 IMG_7320
We watched Baby Einstein together. It was my first time watching TV. Sometimes it was really neat, other times I wanted to see what everyone else was doing. IMG_7324 IMG_7459

The other ocean

Kelton got to dip his toes into the Atlantic Ocean in Newport. He loved watching the waves, but the feel of the water on his feet was puzzling.
IMG_7375 IMG_7329 IMG_7372
His cousin Sierra loved running in and out of the waves.
IMG_7361 IMG_7350
Papa was relegated to holding everyone's luggage on the beach, and taking group portraits.
IMG_7344 IMG_7377
After our fun in the waves we all washed the sand off our toes together.

Summertime fun

Kelton met his cousins in Rhode Island for the first time this week. He's been having lots of fun with them. A favorite activity in the summer heat is playing in the pool. Here's Dylan and Sierra taking a splash.

Kelton is still a little unsure about the merits of the pool so he takes it a little slower.
IMG_7273 IMG_7248

After a fun afternoon we all have to dry out and go inside for dinner.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

More baby school

After learning how to do baby massage in baby school last week we couldn't resist posing all our babies together. The babies didn't think it was quite as much fun but I did get one photo where only one baby was voicing her opion.

Our little pupils are ( from left to right) Justin, Maya, Asher, Kelton, Kaden, Aiden, Maya, Evie


We hadn't gotten any formal style portraits of Kelton in a while so about a week ago we set up our studio in the yard, waited until Kelton was in a playful mood, and we got these pictures. Our little model in training.
IMG_7089 IMG_7035crop
You might notice the big hairy arm in the second portrait - that's David keeping Kelton from tipping over. Kelton loves to sit but he can't do it by himself yet.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

A day at the beach

I was awake for the whole time on my second trip to the ocean. It was a perfect sunny blue sky day so we went to a beach near Half Moon Bay. Daddy held me over the water as the waves rushed in and out. I thought it was fascinating watching all the foam moving under me.

IMG_6892 IMG_6803

The tide was pretty high so we couldn't get past the big cliffs. They even make Daddy look tiny.
IMG_6828 IMG_6873

Rocking Horse

Grandma and Grandpa saved Mommy's old rocking horse for me. Now that I can sit up with only a little help, Daddy let me ride it for the first time. It was fun but kinda scary.


Baby School



Our mom's group has started a weekly baby school. We currently have 9 very active pupils who meet at our house. Here's 6 of them all together (from the left: Asher, Aiden, Maya Q., Kaden, Kelton, Maya S.) Justin, Victoria and Evie are the other 3 little students. We'll have to see if we can ever get all 9 babies in one photo!

We do lots of fun things. We sing songs about elefantes balancing on a spider web in Spanish, two bears (twee beren) in Dutch, a little bird in French, the australian kookaburra and of course Old MacDonald had a farm in English. Next week we'll learn some Hebrew songs too. Sometimes we do other activies like last week's art activity for Father's Day. Here's Rosie helping Aiden with his foot stamp. First he puts his little foot on the ink pad, then he lines up his green inky foot with the card then finally Rosie helps him press the card on his foot. Beautiful results!

IMG_6982 IMG_6983 IMG_6984