Friday, December 15, 2006

It's fall!


Maybe "It's Fall" is a strange title for a post created in the Christmas season, but it really feels like fall here in California. There are piles of leaves everywhere and the weather has turned cool and rainy. We bought Kelton a pair of very cute dinosaur rainboots which he adores. He loves to wear his "Dinos".

Kelton discovered the joys of running through piles of crunchy leaves.
20061209-0112.jpg 20061209-0113.jpg 20061209-0115.jpg
He also discovered the fun in throwing armfuls of leaves.
20061210-0031.jpg 20061210-0034.jpg
And of course now that he has his dino-boots he's discovered the joy of puddle-splashing.
20061210-0015.jpg 20061210-0021.jpg


20061209-0088.jpg 20061209-0083.jpg

At Roaring Camp after we rode the steam train, Dave and Kelton pretended to be the outlaw and his horse then they pretended to be the Sheriff and ticketmaster. There was also had a toddler sized barn. One of Kelton's favorite things to do is opening and shutting doors, he loved the barn.

20061209-0101.jpg 20061209-0103.jpg
20061209-0107.jpg 20061209-0109.jpg

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A real steam train

20061209-0004.jpg 20061209-0018.jpg

This weekend we went to Roaring Camp in the Santa Cruz Mountains and rode a real steam engine train. It was a misty cool day and we had an hour long ride through the redwood forest up the mountain and back down. Kelton was amazed, scared and mezmerized by the train. The whistle is very loud and in the cool air it let off lots of steam. Kelton was happy to sit in our laps for the entire ride.

20061209-0049.jpg 20061209-0022.jpg
20061209-0069.jpg 20061209-0027.jpg

There is something very alluring about trains, and David and I had a great time photographing the train.
20061209-0091.jpg 20061209-0012.jpg
20061209-0014.jpg 20061209-0045.jpg