Monday, February 12, 2007



Painting at preschool is lots of fun. I like to put the paint on nice and thick. Sometimes daddy helps me with my paintings. Othertimes I do it myself and enjoy mixing the colors on the brush. When the brush feels too limiting, I like to just get my hands all covered in paint and make hand imprints on the paper. Mommy and daddy usually have quite a job cleaning me up after painting.

20061213-0124.jpg 20061213-0119.jpg 20061213-0121.jpg



After his bath Kelton loves to streak down the hall and jump into mommy and daddy's bed. He gets under the covers, tucks himself in on my side and says, "Kelton naked mommy spot". When I tell him to close his eyes and go to sleep, he uses his fingers to close his eyes. Sometimes he gives his favorite animal, blue doggy, a good night kiss.

20061209-0125.jpg 20061209-0133.jpg