Friday, June 16, 2006

Beach fun with Dad


Recently we spent a weekend at Big Sur and had a wonderful afternoon at one of our favorite beaches. We went with Kelton's friend Evie and her parents. All of us went on the same trip together exactly a year earlier, and it was astonishing how different the kids were. We can't call them babies anymore. This year they were old enough to really explore and enjoy the ocean. On our trip last year, Kelton spent his afternoon snoozing in the Bjorn on Daddy.

Now Kelton loves to run back and forth with the waves, kinda like a silly, laughing sand piper.
20060521-0132.jpg 20060521-0130.jpg

Good thing that Daddy is there to pull him out when an extra large wave comes in too fast. Boy that water is cold!
20060521-0145.jpg 20060521-0133.jpg

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Kelton's show


No, Kelton hasn't enrolled in the Stanford Law School, but he was the featured subject in my latest photo exhibit. A member of our photo group shared her space at the Stanford Law School Cafe. Nana and Papa also came and they helped me hang the show which had 9 images from Kelton's first year. I called the show Dynamic Range. Here's the Artists Statement I wrote for the show:

This series of images is called Dynamic Range. All the images were taken during my son’s first year. As a new parent, I was amazed and amused by the variety of emotions my infant was capable of expressing even in his first weeks. These unselfconscious expressions and accompanying sounds were his only means of communication in the preverbal first year. They cover quite a dynamic range familiar to parents everywhere. I hope you enjoy these images of an everyday miracle.

Newborn Wonder

Innocent Dreams

Angry Moment

Quiet Content


The Food Critic

Life Is Good

Too Tired

Playful Eyes

Kelton really seemed to enjoy looking at the images also.
20060330-0025.jpg 20060330-0021.jpg

Yummy - dinner

Here are a couple of photos of Nana helping me eat dinner when she and Papa came to visit at the end of March. I love to eat, so I open my mouth wide for a yummy spoon of pureed chicken and sweet potatoes. I'm not too bad with the spoon myself sometimes.
20060331-0035.jpg 20060331-0042.jpg

While Nana and Papa were here, I learned how to say "OOOooohs" when I want some cheerios. Nana is saying it too.