Friday, January 18, 2013

Spin art

We all had a great time with the spin art that Nana & Papa gave Weston or Christmas. A great activity for sick recovery!

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Watching movies on the laptop while sick together. Weston and Brennan have been hit hard with fever, croup and throwing up. Fun at our house while Daddy is out of town for work. So far Kelton and I are tired but well.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013


Weston, then Kelton and David going down the slope at High Banks. The kids had so much fun the first day, we had to go again even though it was only 23 degrees outside!


New Years Eve we went to COSI. We all enjoyed the gadgets part of the museum the most. The boys tried working the giant engine with Grandpa. Weston and Brennan built a house with Grandpa. Brennan thought the balls floating on air jets were magic. Kelton loved making explosions with baking powder and vinegar during the Gadget Cafe. It started to snow again while we were inside.

Snowy hike

Snow! We went on a hike with Grandpa on a beautiful fresh snowy day. First there was much throwing of snowballs, then rolling of snow, then building of snowmen/ snowcats. After we spent an hour in the visitor center and enjoyed the displays, books, and petting a rat snake.

New friend

Brennan had a close encounter with 'Mo' a gorilla at the Columbus Zoo. Later Kelton used his phone to take a photo of Mo. When Kelton showed the gorilla her photo, she clapped her hands. Mo also pretended to share her food and demonstrated how to eat it. Quite an amazing encounter.

Gingerbread house

At Nana and Papa's house the boys excitedly decorated a gingerbread house with their cousins Sierra and Dylan.