Sunday, July 31, 2005

Kelton visits North Beach

On a sunny Saturday afternoon we took Kelton to North Beach, the Italian neighborhood in San Francisco. He had fun window shopping. He inspected the candy store and the fancy dishware store.
IMG_7903 IMG_7910
Then we stopped in Cafe Greco for an iced mocha, but wouldn't share with Kelton, much to his dismay.
IMG_7912 IMG_7933
The evening views are gorgeous in the North Beach neighborhood, but this time they were lost on Kelton as he snoozed away in his Bjorn after his busy day.
IMG_7955 IMG_7957

Monday, July 18, 2005


Over the Fourth of July I went to Ohio to visit my Grandma and Grandpa. Here I am with Grandma in the new house

One day we went to the zoo with Grandpa and I got to touch a snake!
IMG_7747 IMG_7753

At the zoo I played on the Hammer Head shark. Well it wasn't a real shark, just a model. I was wondering if my teeth would be as sharp as his, and then I pretended to fly through the water like him.
IMG_7775 IMG_7803

Then Daddy tried to feed me to the shark!

We did other fun things like blow bubbles and play with a beach ball but Mom and Grandpa got that on video not still photos so I'll have to wait to share that later.

Pool party

It was very hot last week for baby school so we had a pool party! Here's the gang in the pool, Aiden sitting unassisted, Rosie holding up Kelton who only wanted to stand in the pool, Lorraine with Maya, and Karelle with her Maya.
Aiden had a great time splashing and especially playing with the shaker eggs which float nicely and are hard to fish out of the water. Maya is enjoying playing with her captured egg. Finally, Kelton is relaxing after a hard day at baby school.
IMG_7859 IMG_7858 IMG_7856

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Drum roll please ....

Kelton has finally learned how to turn himself over! On Friday we found him asleep in his crib all sideways

Later that day he was reaching and reaching for a toy and he turned himself over from back to front. He looked so proud of his accomplishment. Kelton repeated it several times that day so he's definitely got it now. Today he showed David that he can roll all the way around back-to-front and front-to-back. We're on the road to mobility!