Monday, May 23, 2005

The ocean

Kelton's first trip to the Ocean was over Mother's Day weekend with our friends Cindy and Jon and their baby Evie. Kelton spent his whole time on the beach fast asleep. Maybe he enjoyed the sound of the waves while riding comfortably on dad, who knows? Evie's parents had a chance for some 'extreme parenting' with a very messy diaper change on a log. Kelton saved his for the parking lot.

IMG_6520 IMG_6549 IMG_6586

We enjoyed a perfect warm sunny day at this gorgeous Big Sur beach. The beach has areas of pink sand designs and the tidepools revealed these green anemones. It turned out the be a wonderful place for Cindy and I to start our book project of images in nature.
IMG_6543 IMG_6626

My friend Evie

My friend Evie is only 6 days younger than me and we have lots of fun together. We take music class on Mondays and watch our mommies have lunch on Thursdays. This week we'll be starting baby school together. We went to Big Sur with our folks for our first Mother's Day. Here's Evie with her mom and dad (Cindy and Jon).

IMG_6573 IMG_6668 IMG_6675 IMG_6581 IMG_6698

Sunday, May 22, 2005

The aquarium

On Mother's Day the weather was a bit rainy so Cindy, Jon and Evie invited us to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Here we are in front of the kelp forest. David took a picture of me and Kelton outside in the sea breeze.
IMG_6709 IMG_6717

The most intriging thing for the babies were the jellyfish exhibits. Both Kelton and Evie were captivated by the moving jellyfish. It's so fun to watch their wide-eyed and open mouthed expressions. I wonder what they thought of the jellyfish and as David said, I wonder what kind of dreams they had that night...

IMG_6724 IMG_6726


Thursday, May 19, 2005

Hanging with Dad

Dad and I have a lot of fun together. I love to hang out in my carrier when we go places.
IMG_6746 IMG_6544

It's also lots of fun to sit on his head.
IMG_6687 IMG_6679 IMG_6684

Although when I spit up on dad's head neither one of us are quite so happy.

At the end of an exciting day we sometimes even take a bath together.
IMG_6455 IMG_6487

Friday, May 13, 2005


I'm always amazed and amused by Kelton's rapidly changing expressions. From sleepy to stretchy from happy to wondering from grumpy to yelling. Here's a sample of his repertoire.

IMG_6000 IMG_6051 IMG_6028print IMG_6105 IMG_6381 IMG_6087 IMG_6089 IMG_6121 IMG_6120

Friday, May 06, 2005

Lisa and Kelton in the yard

We took a break from unpacking inside the house and went out to enjoy our new yard. The weather has been really pretty and we enjoy the balcony too.
IMG_6435 IMG_6440

IMG_6427 IMG_6431


My quilt

Auntie Dee made a beautiful quilt for me. She's our neighbor in Lake Forest Park. I love my quilt because it's made from soft flannel with a satin border and has a big star pattern with lots of rainbows and tiny stars. Thank you Auntie Dee!

IMG_6304 IMG_6311

An afternoon with friends

Suji and Dan came down from San Francisco for an afternoon visit last weekend. Suji and David were roomates freshman year at Cornell. Who would have thought that almost 2 decades later we'd all be living in the Bay Area and still great friends?
IMG_6398 IMG_6408

The rattle, a present from Aaron in Seattle, has been a big hit with Kelton. He loves to hold onto it and wave it around. At first I had to mold his fingers around it to show him how to hold the rattle. Now I can just put it near his hand and he'll grasp it.

Here Suji and Dan are playing the rattle with Kelton. IMG_6387 IMG_6413

Thursday, May 05, 2005

My first hike

Back when I was only 2 months old (I'm 3 months now) I got to go on my first hike. I went to Foothills park in Palo Alto with Su-Lin and Dave.

DaveSuLinHike IMG_6201

IMG_6222 IMG_6234

Of course Mom and Dad were there too. It was a lovely afternoon in early April and we saw some wildflowers.

IMG_6255crop IMG_6187crop

Even though mom and dad and Dave and Su-Lin have backpacked for more than a week together in both the Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountain ranges the Daves still tried to get us lost in Palo Alto. Here they are consulting the park map.


I got to ride in my Bjorn all afternoon, which is really comfortable. In fact sometimes I even doze off a bit in there. Mom always makes me wear a hat, but at least it's a cool explorer hat.

IMG_6249 IMG_6246 IMG_6254