Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Birthday jamboree



Kelton just turned one year old! Since a bunch of his little friends also had their first birthdays within a couple of weeks we had a joint Birthday Jamboree for 6 babies at once. All their little friends came, and we had Julie-wulie come lead music for us (her real name is Julie Wong and she taught Music Around the World for Kelton and several of the birthday babies). Lorraine made wonderful banana cup cakes and all the babies played with the balls, ballons and other party favors.

Kelton was happy to find something to push around the room. He seemed to overdose on party fun though...
IMG_1979 IMG_1976

Mirabel was looking very cute in her red party outfit.
IMG_1933 IMG_1836

Kaden was enjoying the party until his mom wanted a photo with his party hat on.
IMG_1950 IMG_1973

Aiden gave Elmo a big hug after he was tossed around in the parachute.
IMG_1913 IMG_1919

Maya was the perfect hostess. The party was held in the community room at her apartment complex.
IMG_1891 IMG_1819

Evie had fun with her sister Lori, and enjoyed her party hat more than Kaden did his.
IMG_2030 IMG_1814

Many of Kelton's older friends also came to the party. Here's Asher, Avielle, Arthur, Elliot and Justin having a good time.
IMG_1864 IMG_1954 IMG_1898 IMG_1892 IMG_1874

Finally here's the group enjoying some more music. The party was such a success that we're planning on Birthday Jamboree II next year.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The step

At Nana and Papa's house Kelton discovered a step just his size. He had a difficult time intially, but he kept at it and became an expert after a couple of days. Daddy got a great series of shots from his first attempts.

IMG_1322 IMG_1343 IMG_1323 IMG_1324 IMG_1338 IMG_1342