Sunday, October 30, 2005

Baby school at the pumpkin patch

With everyone's first Halloween fast approaching we decided to have a baby school field trip to the pumpkin patch. The babies had a great time exploring the pumpkins and trying to eat the straw.

Our little pumpkins in the pumpkin patch left to right are: Kaden, Evie, Aidan, Kelton, Maya, Arthur and Maya.

Here are Evie, Maya and Aidan in the pumpkin patch and then Kaden inspecting the geese. Finally there's Arthur saying hi to Kaden with their mommies Zoey and Karn.
IMG_9812 IMG_9808 IMG_9813 IMG_9826 IMG_9769

Here are the mommies with babies in the pumpkin patch. The first is a posed photo taken by Karelle, the second is a behind-the-scenes view.
IMG_9834 IMG_9800

Saturday, October 29, 2005

The pumpkin patch

Kelton woke us up early one beautiful Saturday recently so we headed for the pumpkin patch at Lemos Farms in Half Moon Bay. Kelton had a wonderful time there.

He was fascinated by the straw. He would grab a handful, inspect it carefully and then try to stuff it in his mouth.
IMG_9699 IMG_9646

We visited the petting zoo where there were a bunch of very friendly goats. Kelton was intrigued by the animals
But some were maybe a bit too forward for Kelton's taste.
IMG_9610 IMG_9618

Kelton also liked the pumpkins. They were fun to play with. Some pumpkins were even big enough to sit on. A favorite pumpkin was one big enough stand up next to and bang on.
IMG_9635 IMG_9669

The pumpkin patch also had a scarey Frankinstein monster that daddy saved Kelton from. Of course it's hard to avoid mommy kisses anywhere.
IMG_9654 IMG_9674

The highlight for Kelton was getting to ride in the wheelbarrow.

Finally at the end of our trip we headed home with our pumpkins in the wheel barrow; several orange pumpkins and a very cute little pumpkin in a blue hat.
IMG_9738 IMG_9746

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Fort Point

When Nana and Papa were out visiting we went to San Francisco a second time and visited Fort Point, which is just under the Golden Gate bridge. It was a beautiful day outside, but somehow inside the fort it was very cold.
IMG_9402 IMG_9410 IMG_9478

Fort Point is a mecca for photographers. The aging structure with it's arches and spiral stairways offers a lot of possibilites. While David was walking around with Kelton I took the chance to do some real photography...
IMG_9452crop_print8x10 IMG_9433crop

After visiting the fort we went back to House of Nanking for dinner. Delicious! Across the street from Nanking is one of my favorite buildings in San Francisco. It looked especially nice in the evening light.

Causing trouble at home

I have lots of ways of causing trouble at home.

I help with the laundry

I get into places I shouldn't, and sometimes I get stuck.
IMG_9527 IMG_9765 IMG_9583 IMG_9531

I am not always a neat eater. I don't like the lumpy texture of avocados, and I found that spinach is lots of fun to smear around
IMG_9759 IMG_9838

Auntie Nikki

Auntie Nikki came to visit from Berkeley recently. We hadn't seen her for a while since she was working very hard and also she had travelled to Portugal. Kelton enjoyed crumpling the paper and tasting the ribbon on the gift that Auntie Nikki brought back with her. The stuffed octopus inside the package was also fun to taste. Auntie Nikki said she'd tasted lots of octopi while she was in Portugal.
IMG_9557 IMG_9560

Kelton enjoyed practicing his stepping with Auntie Nikki and Mommy's help. And Auntie Nikki enjoyed seeing how much Kelton had changed.
IMG_9563 IMG_9564

Monday, October 17, 2005

Silly things that make me laugh

Mom rolling over and over on the rug
The sound of Daddy clipping ivy
The sound of Kaden's dog snorting a bramble out of her nose (Kaden was laughing too)
Mom hiking down steep steps with me bouncing in the Bjorn
And all kinds of tickles

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Baby school - painting revisited

We did painting for baby school while Kelton's Nana and Papa visited. It was wonderful to have extra help in keeping everyone out of trouble. Also Papa took a bunch of great photos while we painted.

Here's a look at the chaos of a whole group of babies painting at once.

After smearing his paint around on the paper, Kelton decided to stick his whole face into his painting and then grab my glasses so we're both covered in red paint.
DSC00133 DSC00145

In the following pictures you can see Asher and Paige just beginning to paint. Then Maya, sitting with Lorraine, is surveying her work, while Karn is watching as Kaden is just having a great time. Aidan is looking adorable while he's washing up his hands afterwards.
DSC00128 DSC00139
DSC00162 DSC00148

Finally after we're all done here's the artistic results: