Sunday, December 25, 2005

At the mall

One day while we were in Ohio the weather was very cold - only 17 degrees midday, so we went to the mall. Kelton enjoyed inspecting all the Christmas decorations.
IMG_1228.jpg IMG_1234.jpg
IMG_1237.jpg IMG_1242

He also enjoyed doing gymnastics on the display racks.
IMG_1233.jpg IMG_1223

Grandma and Grandpa helped entertain him.
IMG_1278 IMG_1251

And finally we finished with a family ride on the escalator.

Christmas morning

I was at Nana and Papa's house in Rhode Island Christmas morning. Santa sure is smart - he didn't have any trouble finding me. I really liked the wooden rattle he gave me.

The bows, ribbons and tearing the wrapping paper were very interesting and required intense concentration.
IMG_1654.jpg IMG_1658.jpg IMG_1657.jpg IMG_1650.jpg

After unwrapping mommy's present, I helped with taste testing her book.

Daddy showed my some of my new presents, first my new music book and then he showed me how to use my aquadoodle.
IMG_1647.jpg IMG_1675.jpg

After all the excitement I just had to have a nap. When I woke up we went to my cousins Sierra and Dylan's house to have Christmas all over again!

Christmas in Ohio


Before Christmas I went to Ohio to visit Grandma and Grandpa. The weather was a lot colder than California so I needed a warm snow suit. I really didn't like wearing it even though it kept me nice and toasty warm. Here we are at the store with mom trying the suit on me - I wasn't really helping.

I got to go to the toy store one day and pick out my own toy. While mom was helping me decide, Grandpa helped me play with the push wagon. I got a toy bus to take home since the wagon was too big to mail.
IMG_1190.jpg IMG_1187.jpg

I even had a ball at Huffman's grocery store. They had a huge collapsible plastic ball that dad kept expanding. It was a little bit scary and really funny.
IMG_1174.jpg IMG_1175.jpg

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Getting our Christmas tree

It's Christmas time! While it's not cold and snowy, we Califonians still put up our Christmas trees. It was fun to take Kelton to get our little tree this year.

IMG_0877.jpg IMG_0898.jpg IMG_0894.jpg IMG_0884.jpg

Get it off!!!

Here's a new game Kelton invented while swinging.
IMG_1088.jpg IMG_1089.jpg IMG_1086.jpg IMG_1090.jpg IMG_1091.jpg IMG_1087.jpg

Getting into trouble 2

Now that I'm a little taller and faster I can get into even more trouble than before.

IMG_0988.jpg IMG_0987.jpg IMG_0994.jpg IMG_0952.jpg IMG_0949.jpg

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

My bedtime routine

After a fun day of exploring and playing I get tired and mommy and daddy start my bedtime routine. Every other night I get a bath. Sometimes I get in the tub with daddy, sometimes I get in the tub with mommy and sometimes I get to sit in my little tub all by myself.

To start my bath daddy takes all my clothes off and I get to run around in my birthday suit for a few minutes. Here I am inspecting my bath before getting in.

When I'm in my little tub I still get to play with daddy. Bathtime is fun.
IMG_0766.jpg IMG_0753.jpg IMG_0848.jpg

Sometimes it nice to just sit back and relax in my tub.

After my bath daddy reads me a bedtime story. I like to turn the pages myself. One of my favorite stories is Way Out in the Desert . Daddy makes great coyote howling sounds. Although lately daddy has been reading The Night Before Christmas since Christmas is coming soon.
IMG_0852.jpg IMG_0856.jpg
I want to stay up all night, but somehow I start to get sleepy.

Finally I get to cuddle with mommy to nurse and my eyelids get really heavy, my eyes start to close then................

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Ride with Dad

We went to the San Francisco Zoo a couple weeks ago. We stopped at the carousel for a dad-and-boy moment:

And a quieter moment, watching Evie ride: