Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Kelton learns to read

We started showing Kelton Google's colorful logo and it wasn't long before he could recognize it, and pronounce it in the cutest way, "goo go". He also recognizes it in all-white letters on Daddy's red baseball cap, which he dons each morning as part of his routine. And when asked "Where does Daddy work?" he'll dutifully respond "goo go".

Sitting outside a coffee shop Sunday morning, reading a newspaper article about the latest company news, I was astonished to hear him erupt out of the blue into "Google, Google". Turns out there was a photo alongside the article with the logo in it. Unnerving, really.

Language log: purple, yellow, blue

Finally Kelton has latched onto the concept of colors. These are all verbal, not signs. His favorite is purple because it's fun to say, especially when pointing out the purple kitty in his Paddington book knowing this will get him tickled all over by Daddy saying "purple kitty" over and over. Yellow is also a winner since it's the color of Daddy's car. He can also say blue. I think I've heard red but it might be wishful thinking.

These are also the 4 colors of his bathtub paint kit so you can imagine how much fun that has become. Elsewhere on the language front...

please (stroking tummy with hand)
fire engine (index finger pointing up going in circles, accompanied by "woo woo woo" -- he also uses this for any kind of distressful noise)
ouch (two index fingers touching tip to tip -- it surprised me how many minor boo-boos he gets that aren't worth a cry)

die-yah (means "No, I can't say it" -- we have no idea where this came from)
coffee (coughs)
more (comes out "moh moh moh")
cracker ("aa aa")


He's started a new spurt of babbling with more complex syllables, so I think we might be on the cusp of a vocabulary explosion. Boy am I looking forward to that!

Saturday, September 02, 2006


My new favorite food is spaghetti. It is so much fun to eat. First I pick out the handful of noodles I want to eat, examine them closely, then I test to see if I can drop a few back into the bowl.
20060629-0042.jpg 20060629-0039.jpg 20060629-0028.jpg

Once I decide that they're safe to eat I try fitting a fistfull of dangly noodles into my mouth. Finally I use my whole hand to press all the stragglers in. Yummy, yummy, yummy.
20060629-0038.jpg 20060629-0025.jpg

I wonder why I always get a bath after eating spaghetti...