Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Let's cook!

Our weekly Baby School has grown up into what we now call Toddler Tuesdays. Since the kids aren't babies any longer, we've created a preschool-like morning. We still have free time to play, then we sing some songs followed by a snack. Finally, each week a different mom plans an activity. It's been a lot of fun. We've stacked all kinds and colors of blocks, we've put all sizes of balls into all sizes of buckets, we've made and played with puppets, we've had a pumpkin patch field trip and we've even done pretend cooking. These photos are from our pretend cooking activity which all the kids really enjoyed.

Here's Kelton cooking with Nana.
20061003-0009.jpg 20061003-0016.jpg

Here's all the little cooks hard at work, starting with Maya S and Mirabel.
20061003-0055.jpg 20061003-0048.jpg

Here's Maya Q, Kaden, Skylar and the whole gang cooking up a storm.
20061003-0057.jpg 20061003-0026.jpg 20061003-0010.jpg 20061003-0070.jpg

Kelton starts preschool


This fall Kelton started preschool! He goes once a week for 2 hours and since it's a parent co-op David and/or I go with him. He loves to go to school. He's learned to say school and gets excited when we get there. When Nana and Papa came to visit, we all went to school, and I was free to take some photos.

The structure of the day is simple. First the kids get about 45 min to play with whatever they want inside or outside. There are lots of toys and activities to choose from, but Kelton usually plays outside for whole time. Here's Kelton enjoying a tricycle ride with Papa and climbing in and out of a toy car.
20061004-0120.jpg 20061004-0074crop.jpg

Next is a short circle time inside which Kelton isn't very interested in. But that is followed by hand washing which is lots of fun with Nana's help.
20061004-0138.jpg 20061004-0139crop.jpg

Next is snack time. I'm always amazed that all the kids will sit together for about 10 min and enjoy their snack while teacher Judy reads stories.
20061004-0161.jpg 20061004-0165crop.jpg

Snack time is followed by more play time. This week Kelton enjoyed playing the piano with Nana and Papa. He also spent some closeup time with his favorite metal fire engine.
20061004-0177crop.jpg 20061004-0179.jpg 20061004-0173.jpg 20061004-0195.jpg

School ends with bubbles and circle time with songs. By this time Kelton is tired from his busy morning and, after chasing the bubbles, he is happy to sit in my lap for a few minutes before we head home for lunch and a nap.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Tioga Pass - Hat games

20060908-0270.jpg 20060908-0280.jpg

Kelton loves to play with our hats. His new game is to put on David's hat over his eyes and try to walk around. He thinks it's hilarious. Mommy gets a little concerned so we watch him closely as he staggers around.

He also loves the hat peek-a-boo get tickeled by Daddy hat game.
20060908-0218.jpg 20060908-0220.jpg 20060908-0221.jpg

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tioga Pass - Cabin life

Kelton enjoyed staying in the Tioga Pass cabin. It makes traveling much easier since Kelton enjoys exploring every nook and cranny of a new place. Here he is waking up in the morning and then playing mousie hanging on the cabinet in the kitchen.
20060910-0627.jpg 20060910-0633.jpg

Kelton still loves to sweep, anywhere, anytime, with any kind of broom or in this case a mop.
20060909-0626.jpg 20060909-0625.jpg

Hanging out on the front porch was also a favorite pastime for both Kelton and David.
20060910-0648.jpg 20060910-0653.jpg 20060910-0668.jpg

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Tioga Pass - Exploring


Kelton explored many aspects of the High Sierra on our trip. One of his favorites were two abandonded mining cabins. He spent almost 2 hours running around inside, looking out the windows, and peaking through knotholes in the walls. He also had a great time dropping rocks through knotholes in the floor.
20060909-0472.jpg 20060909-0430.jpg

We also enjoyed showing Kelton a varitey of things we found. Here he is with a huge feather that David found. It was fun to wave around and fun to use it to tickle Daddy.
20060908-0330.jpg 20060908-0333.jpg

He was fascinated with the many gopher holes in the ground. We explained that "mice" lived in the holes. He would stop everytime he saw a hole, point, and make the mouse sounds. Kelton also enjoyed running up and down the slope of the glacial polished rocks and investigated the meadow grass up close.
20060909-0574.jpg 20060907-0165.jpg

Kelton learned the concept of big and small by playing with pinecones. He was looking at a medium sized one, and then I gave him a tiny one. He called the tiny one 'baby' and the other one 'mommy'. He still uses those words for anything that is little and big.

Some of the new words that Kelton learned on our trip were mountain (a-a), bird (crow), boo-boo, tree (E), and root. He enjoyed pointing to all the roots on the trail. He saw mommy roots and baby roots. We explained that roots were like feet to the trees and he seemed to understand that the tree above and the root underfoot were related. Kelton also loved picking up little rocks and handing them to us.
20060910-0724.jpg 20060910-0710.jpg

Tioga Pass - Splashing!


The lakes and streams of the High Sierra are incredibly beautiful and clear. Kelton was as drawn to them as we were. He couldn't wait to stick his toes in and feel the water.

20060907-0124.jpg 20060907-0103.jpg 20060907-0099.jpg

One day we visted the Tuolumne River and the water was pretty chilly so he was hesitant to get in and once he did he wasn't so sure about it.
20060908-0187.jpg 20060908-0196.jpg

He still wanted in the water so Daddy picked him up and showed him the fish, then held him over the water so he could kick at it without commiting to standing in the icy cold water.
20060908-0191.jpg 20060908-0204.jpg

The beautiful Fantail Lake was our favorite since it had a shallow sandy bottom and Kelton could really enjoy jumping off a little rock into the water, and just generally kicking around.

20060909-0545.jpg 20060909-0556.jpg