Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The outdoor artist at work

Recently we discovered chalk as an artistic medium. Chalk is wonderful since you can draw outside on any concrete area in the park just about as big as you want.
20061001-9059 20061123-9075

Kelton has also exercised his artistic feelings using natural media. Here he is sitting on the Baylands trail drawing semicircles with a pair of sticks. Recently he experimented with wet sand spatters at Pomponio beach.
20061124-9076 20061118-9068

In case you noticed a quality issue with these photos, they were taken using a cell phone camera. It's wonderful since we always have it with us, but unfortunately the quality is a little lacking.

Including the kitchen sink

When you're a toddler everything is new and exciting. Even the kitchen sink... Kelton has learned how to push a chair from the dinner table over to the sink and, with no small effort, climb up on it. He loves to play with the water and he gets very irate if I don't turn it on for him. Lately he's discovered that if you squeeze the sponge suds come out. It can be messy, but it's fun to have help doing the dishes!
20061124-0062 20061124-0066

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Cabo San Lucas

Kelton got to use his little passport for the second time! We went to Cabo San Lucas Mexico for a friend's surprise 40th birthday party. We had a wonderful relaxing time. Mostly we snorkled or swam in the ocean or hung out in the house and enjoyed the pool and our group's marvolous cooking. The pool was especially fun for Kelton and his new friend Ava.

20061112-0048crop.jpg 20061112-0049crop.jpg 20061111-0025crop.jpg

On our last night we took a sunset trip on a glass bottom boat out to the very tip of the Baja Penninsula and landed on Lover's Beach for a few minutes. Here you can walk across the beach from the Sea of Cortez to the Pacific Ocean.

20061111-0089.jpg 20061111-0101.jpg

We stopped on the trip out to the point and threw some food overboard for the fish. Kelton loved seeing all the fish looking through the glass in the boat. He even wanted to climb down and kiss the fish.
20061111-0105crop.jpg 20061111-0109.jpg

Here's the glass bottom boat waiting for us while we run up Lover's beach. Kelton really enjoyed the boat ride, but he also loved running on the beach once he was free.
20061111-0152crop.jpg 20061111-0150crop.jpg

Here's David and Kelton watching the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. Kelton really wanted to put his feet in the Pacific Ocean, but the waves were too big.
20061111-0163crop.jpg 20061111-0159crop.jpg

Here we all are relaxing at the house.
20061111-0014crop.jpg 20061111-0235crop.jpg

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Kelton was a tiger for Halloween this year. Unfortunately both of us were just getting over being sick, so we were a little tired, a bit cranky, and didn't get to go out. But I did put him in his costume after his nap and got a few photos. He thought the tail was pretty cool, but he wasn't too sure about the ears.

20061031-0215.jpg 20061031-0221.jpg

20061031-0223.jpg 20061031-0217.jpg

More pretend play



One beautiful fall day while Nana and Papa were visiting, we drove to the beach at Santa Cruz. When we were almost at the beach we saw railroad tracks running parallel to the road. Kelton noticed the tracks and kept asking for "more-more" train. As we drove along the tracks he got more and more upset at us for not providing a train. He wasn't buying the explanation that we didn't have control over the train schedule and we couldn't make a train come.

So when we got to the beach, David started drawing tracks in the sand. Kelton got the idea that they were train tracks immediately and started running along them pretending to be the train. We all started drawing a bunch of loopy tracks and he had a blast running around and around them. Once in a while the surf would come up and wipe out our tracks and Kelton found his own stick to help redraw them. Kelton still loves to play train everytime we go to the beach and when he sees a picture of a sandy beach he says "choo-choo".

20061007-0116.jpg 20061007-0096.jpg


20060902-0088.jpg 20061006-0001.jpg

Kelton still loves to pretend he is talking on the phone. We still have to stop at every payphone and let him place a call. He recently said one of his first 2 word phrases when he was pretend calling Papa on a payphone in Santa Cruz and he said, "Hi Papa". It was very cute and extra funny since Papa was standing right there in person.

20061008-0330.jpg 20061008-0334.jpg

Mouse Holes

Ever since we went to Yosemite and saw all the mouse (gopher) holes in the meadow, Kelton has been fascinated with any holes in the ground and he squeaks like a mouse when he sees them. I was amazed that the first thing he made out of playdoh by himself was a mouse hole. Lately he's been afraid of mouse holes. When he's walking through a bunch of leaves at the park where there might be mouse holes he suddenly starts picking up his feet high then wants to be carried. I'm not sure what suddenly scared him, but he's still fascinated.