Tuesday, July 22, 2008

First portraits

Here Weston starts nursing on Brennan's head, with the predictable outcome:

And finally, Brennan alone:

Sundry photos of the day

Nap on Dad:

Getting some sun (for jaundice). Look at that peach fuzz! Then another nap.

Posing with big brother:

Brennan in the morning

Another of Lisa's great "expressions" series is brewing...

Followed by the full-body stretch.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Brotherly love

We decided Kelton would warm up faster to the new additions if they gave him a really spiffy gift, say a new bike. Kelton and I hit the bike shops a few weekends in a row back in the spring and Kelton loved his test rides, always asking to take one home with us in his earnest-but-not-irritating way that's so adorable. Then we stopped going and he forgot about it, not knowing his favorite was hidden away in the trunk of the Subaru.

But we didn't want it to feel like bribery so the other day after his hospital visit I took Kelton to the toy store to pick out small gifts for Brennan and Weston. He chose 2 cars over stuffed animals or musical instruments. At home he helped wrap them, and today he gave them to each boy as they nursed.

Then for the big moment, we presented him with his giant gift and watched him unwrap. In the final picture of this series, mounted and helmeted, he is receiving his safety lecture from Dad.

Here he is on one of his test rides in the spring:

Home at last

Nothing like your own bed. We got home at lunchtime today, had a nice visit with the Stoutamires, and then the little guys had their first nap in their downstairs crib.

Lisa won't see her own bed for a while, though, because climbing stairs is still inconceivable. She's all set up on the family room futon. Here she is, proud Mama on her way out of the hospital.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Breastfeeding gets traction (suction?)

Lisa's milk came in last night, and right away both boys got a lot more enthusiastic. Little Brennan's weight dip appears to be over, so it looks like we're done with the formula. Lisa even tried "tandem" feeding and it went surprisingly well. Actually the photos above photos were taken during that tandem session, but the more hilarious shots showing the 3 of them all together are a little too risque for posting here!

Our night nurse Tulu, and nanny Ana, have been invaluable in making this all work so smoothly for us. Tomorrow it's time to head home.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Eyes open more

Today the babies spent more time looking around.

During diaper changes I took the chance to show off their wrinkled little bodies better.

Kelton came by again in the afternoon and had another brief session holding Weston. He was a little tentative and Dad was standing by nervously. Yesterday he stroked Weston while he fed.

One way we got Kelton engaged with his brothers was to offer him a chance to take their picture, camera fiend that he is. Sometimes his attention wandered to other nearby attractions, however.

Breastfeeding is going so-so as the boys are often too tired to take it seriously. We're supplementing with formula while this kink works itself out. Lisa was up and about much more today, and is delighted to have her IV out. But it's still very hard for her to sit up.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sleeping angels

That's mostly what they did today. Brennan left, Weston right:

The other way around for this set:

Finally, a more prosaic shot of Mom, who was not sleeping so much:

Kelton had his first quick visit with his brothers today, and he held them each so sweetly, but no pictures yet.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Brighter still

9:04 AM: Weston Robert, 6 lb 14 oz
9:05 AM: Brennan Dennis, 4 lb 14 oz

It's done! We have two beautiful new sons, doing quite well as is their mother. The C-section was quick and a little anti-climactic compared to Kelton's natural birth, but we're just glad it went off without a hitch. And although "Baby B" (Brennan) turned out even smaller than the worrying estimates from a week ago, he's doing just fine, even if he doesn't quite have the full vim and vigor of his boisterous twin. A calm and peaceful child would be a welcome relief!

In an amusing twist of fate, Lisa's water broke 10 minutes before being wheeled into the operating room. Hats off to Dr. Rydfors for picking the optimal date for delivery!

They may be twins, but they couldn't look more different. Brennan is the spitting image of Kelton as an infant, just smaller. Weston, on the other hand, brings a whole new look to the family. He's got quite a bit of hair, dark and silky smooth now that he's all cleaned and dried, and a recessed chin.

Too tired to write much more. Here are the best photos from today.

First, Weston. He cried loudly for most of his first hour in the nursery:

Now for Brennan:

Those were all from the nursery in the first hour or two of life. Later, reunited with Mom and with the first breastfeeding under their belts, a calmer scene emerged. First Weston then Brennan: