Sunday, February 06, 2005

Weekend of firsts


This weekend Kelton has his first bath, first visit with Auntie Nikki, first ride in his stroller over to the Gamble Gardens down the street, and he met the neighbors Calvin, Cecile and baby Clea.

The bath wasn't too popular but Mom and Dad liked the fluffy hair that resulted.
first-bath-faucet first-bath-bum first-bath-wary

The stroller went over much better, calming baby down even though a feeding was imminent. Here we're headed out past the neighbor's redwood tree -- our yard is in the background.
first-walk-with-redwood first-walk-peekaboo

Nikki brought us a Zachary's pizza, earning considerable brownie points.
nikki-looking-down nikki-looking-up

Friends have been so helpful. Rosie and Paige rescued us with food our first night home from the hospital. Su-Lin made us a pasticio (Greek casserole) and fruit salad. Sandy, our doula, was also a great help last week, helping with the shopping and letting us get in a good nap. And great news: Nana and Papa plan to come in a few weeks! Everyone has sent so many wonderful warm wishes - friends really do make the world go round!