Thursday, May 05, 2005

My first hike

Back when I was only 2 months old (I'm 3 months now) I got to go on my first hike. I went to Foothills park in Palo Alto with Su-Lin and Dave.

DaveSuLinHike IMG_6201

IMG_6222 IMG_6234

Of course Mom and Dad were there too. It was a lovely afternoon in early April and we saw some wildflowers.

IMG_6255crop IMG_6187crop

Even though mom and dad and Dave and Su-Lin have backpacked for more than a week together in both the Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountain ranges the Daves still tried to get us lost in Palo Alto. Here they are consulting the park map.


I got to ride in my Bjorn all afternoon, which is really comfortable. In fact sometimes I even doze off a bit in there. Mom always makes me wear a hat, but at least it's a cool explorer hat.

IMG_6249 IMG_6246 IMG_6254