Monday, August 01, 2005

Our little Monets and Cassatts

A highlight of baby school recently was finger painting. All the babies got very excited and entered into the project with enthusiasm. Here's Kelton with Evie and Maya.

IMG_7994 IMG_8078

Here's Asher getting some purple to add to his painting and Kaden surveying the effect of his blue paint.
IMG_8029 IMG_8007

Here's the artist's hands at work, Asher and Maya.
IMG_8050 IMG_8063

The brushes had to be sampled as well, Asher is tasting his, Aiden is inspecting two brushes at once and Maya is commenting on the quality of the bristles.
IMG_8075 IMG_8019 IMG_8033

Here's a sample of the masterpieces.
IMG_8036 IMG_8066 IMG_8082