Tuesday, December 20, 2005

My bedtime routine

After a fun day of exploring and playing I get tired and mommy and daddy start my bedtime routine. Every other night I get a bath. Sometimes I get in the tub with daddy, sometimes I get in the tub with mommy and sometimes I get to sit in my little tub all by myself.

To start my bath daddy takes all my clothes off and I get to run around in my birthday suit for a few minutes. Here I am inspecting my bath before getting in.

When I'm in my little tub I still get to play with daddy. Bathtime is fun.
IMG_0766.jpg IMG_0753.jpg IMG_0848.jpg

Sometimes it nice to just sit back and relax in my tub.

After my bath daddy reads me a bedtime story. I like to turn the pages myself. One of my favorite stories is Way Out in the Desert . Daddy makes great coyote howling sounds. Although lately daddy has been reading The Night Before Christmas since Christmas is coming soon.
IMG_0852.jpg IMG_0856.jpg
I want to stay up all night, but somehow I start to get sleepy.

Finally I get to cuddle with mommy to nurse and my eyelids get really heavy, my eyes start to close then................