Saturday, March 17, 2007

Riding the carousel

Kelton discovered the magic of riding the a carousel over our winter holidays. First he got to ride at Rodger Williams Park with his cousins when we visited Rhode Island. Kelton had a funny expression on his face and we thought he was scared of the ride. But when it stopped he was heart-broken and kept saying "More, more, more".

Kelton had his chance for more carousel a couple of days later when we went to the Columbus Zoo with Grandpa. He was so excited and having so much fun that he got to ride it twice. We went back to the zoo that night to see the zoo lights display and Kelton remembered the carousel and made a bee-line for it even though it was halfway across the park. Again he was having so much fun riding that he got to go twice! Five carousel rides in 3 days, not bad for someone not yet two!
20061230-0122.jpg 20061230-0214.jpg