Sunday, December 19, 2010

Electric thrills

Out of the blue I ended up borrowing Larry Page's Tesla Roadster for
the weekend. Holy crap, that thing is a thrill. Kelton, who has been
obsessed with electric cars for a while, was beside himself -- and
that was before I took him for a spin and pinned his little body
against the backrest over and over with quick jolts of juice ;*) It
feels like coming over the top of a rollercoaster and he hasn't felt
anything like that before. His giddy snorts punctuated the
high-pitched electric whirr. Lisa even took it for a spin during our
"date night". The only trick is getting in and out, as the door sill
is a good 3 inches *higher* than the seat. I'm a big fan of electric
for our environmental, military and economic security, and really like
Tesla's business strategy, but there's no denying this weekend was
just about the pure fun of it. It also was a fine chance to break out
the camera.