Tuesday, February 08, 2005

A week of change

As I sit here with Kelton soundly sleeping on my chest I can't believe he's a week old. Looking at his birth photos, I can see changes in him already. He's not the same baby we brought home from the hospital! On one hand I want to slow time down to savor each part, on the other hand he really does get cuter and develops more little traits day by day. He loves to sleep with his hand tucked under his cheek, he nurses with a very serious, intent expression, when he's quiet and awake his face, mouth and eyes become so round and wondering. Just yesterday I noticed that he's starting to grasp onto things more and more often. When he needs to comfort himself he's pretty good about getting his hand into his mouth more often and sticking his fingers into his eyes less. When he's curled up sleeping on my chest I can rub the familiar shape of his back which I used to feel in my tummy while I was pregnant and I know he's the same baby, but everything else seems to be fast changing!