Sunday, March 13, 2005


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Everywhere, creatures
Are falling asleep.
The Collapsible Frink
Just collapsed in a heap.
To the others before,
I am able to give you
The Who's-Asleep-Score:
Right now, forty thousand
Four hundred and four
Creatures are happily,
Deeply in slumber.
I think you'll agree
That's a whopping fine number.

  --Dr. Seuss, The Sleep Book

To that number we'll have to add Kelton who can sleep anywhere anytime except when you want him to sleep in his crib!

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Have shut off their voices.
They've all gone to bed
In the beds of their choices.
They're sleeping in bushes. They're sleeping in crannies.
Some on their stomachs, and some on their fannies.
They're peacefully sleeping in comfortable holes.
Some, even, on soft-tufted barber shop poles.
The number of sleepers is now past the millions!
The number of sleepers is now in the billions!

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The Sleep book was a Christmas present from Nana and Papa. As you can see on Nana is a great place to sleep.

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While Kelton is getting lots of sleep in lots of places his parents are definitely not getting enough sleep in any places! That's why I'm blogging at 4am while he sleeps on me and you can see his Dad takes every chance to snooze...

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