Friday, August 12, 2005

The adventures of Captain K-Man

Captain K-Man, the bibbed crusader, had some wonderful adventures with the Record gang recently. The ties to the Record gang go back 24 years when David and Ann Elise were friends in junior high in Rhode Island. They kept in touch through the years but never had more than a few hours to visit at a time. We were all excited to find out that the Record gang planned a vacation to see California and we were able to show them some of our favorite places. It was also Kelton's first trip to most of the places as well. The name Captain K-man was coined by Dan (aka Dan-the-Van-Man) and it seems to have stuck or at least for adventuring.

Here's Captain K-man in his Bjorn with his bib and ready for action. Also here's the whole Record gang (left to right: Matthew, Sandy, Kathryn, Burgess, Ann Elise, Dan) on our first day of adventures together.
IMG_8200 IMG_8144