Saturday, February 11, 2006

At the beach with Larissa and Company

Just like old times, when Larissa came to visit a couple of weeks ago, we went to our favorite Half Moon Bay beaches. But unlike old times, now we had 3 kids with us! On the drive to Half Moon Bay, Kelton and his little friend Jakob fell asleep in their side by side carseats. They were so adorable together. Lukas rode with the big guys looking very cool in his sunshades.
IMG_2191.jpg IMG_2197.jpg

Here's the Schwirner gang at the beach. It was a little chilly, but not bad for mid January! We've had colder visits in August with the heavy summer fog.

The kids had a wonderful time at the beach. David, Kelton and Lukas had a blast running through the foam created by the strong surf, sometimes coming a little too close to the waves. Kelton even got his little shoes covered in foam.
IMG_2238.jpg IMG_2234.jpg IMG_2243.jpg IMG_2248.jpg

All the kids loved playing in the sand. Even Jakob could enjoy the feel of it in his hands. Kelton and Lukas found some driftwood to play on.
IMG_2268.jpg IMG_2287.jpg

Kelton wanted to walk everywhere on the beach. He still needed Daddy's support for balance, but he could go for long distances under his own power. He still enjoyed a high ride from Daddy once in a while.
IMG_2302.jpg IMG_2253.jpg IMG_2289.jpg

One of our favorite beaches is Pebble Beach. Part of the beach is made up of millions of beautiful tiny pebbles. Here's Jacob playing with his mommy on the pebbles.
There are also lots of strange eroded rock patterns. Kelton concentrated feeling some of the tiny holes in the rock.
IMG_2312.jpg IMG_2310.jpg

Finally after so much fun and running around Kelton couldn't resist a nap. He was so tired he slept on Mommy's lap on the beach for almost an hour, then stayed asleep while Daddy transported him down the beach, up to the top of the cold windy bluff, and into his carseat to finish his nap.