Sunday, February 12, 2006

Language log: boom

I think we have our second official word! When Kelton falls down we usually say "boom" and now he says it too. It's more of a "ba" than a "boom", and like "uh-oh" this one has evolved out of a babbling sound that still burbles out indiscriminately. But we know it also has meaning since he almost always says it after a fall. I usually repeat it back to him and he'll repeat it too, and we get into a very fast back and forth for a few rounds.

His comprehension is also starting to reveal itself. Lisa told me to ask him "Where's the mousie?" while reading his book, and he pointed right to it. (My response of "Holy crap" instead of "Good boy" got me chastised by Mom.) He also can answer "Where's Tigger" but it only works for the picture on the cover of that book.

And lastly when we spent Saturday in the park (it was a sunny-and-70 February day, another reminder why we're making that big mortgage payment...) Kelton's truck was 20 feet away and when Lisa said "Kelton, go get your truck" he did.

We really better watch what we say now!