Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Kelton at home abroad

Kelton easily adjusted to our new abodes while we were in Italy. After checking everything out, he made himself at home. For the most part we were able to babyproof the apartments, but there was one stalk lamp Kelton wouldn't leave alone. We never did successfully teach him to stop trying to tip it over. Here he is in our swank Florence studio enjoying his frutta de bosca jam, then removing the contents of the suitcase and inspecting the swim diapers we never got to use.
20060424-0196.jpg 20060425-0481.jpg
We brought an assortment of toys and books from home so Kelton would have something to do while we were busy. Here he is reading to himself and doing the sign for "train" when he looks at the train picture.

We had more space in our rooftop home in Vernazza. The livingroom was a nice size for Kelton to broom or spread out his toys. The bedrooms were one big step up from the living room. Kelton liked to be a little daredevil acting like he was going to jump when what he really wanted was one of us to come over and help him down. Apparently he's too big to have to crawl down backwards by himself. But sometimes even with all his toys and books he got a little bored.
20060428-0639.jpg 20060502-1065.jpg 20060502-1079.jpg

Kelton hates the shower. Every time we've had to wash him in the shower he let his feelings be known at top volume. So we were happy to find that the kitchen sink was big enough to fit Kelton. At first he wasn't happy with this solution either, but by the end of the bath he was having fun.
20060501-1011.jpg 20060501-1016.jpg

And Daddy made himself at home also, here he is enjoying the rooftop terrace while Kelton is napping.
20060428-0665.jpg 20060428-0658.jpg

Kelton's favorite part of the terrace was the skylight you can see in the lower right of the first photo above with David on the terrace. Kelton loved to climb up on it, stand up and walk across. David got a great sequence from below:
20060502-1069.jpg 20060502-1071.jpg 20060502-1074.jpg 20060502-1075.jpg 20060502-1077.jpg

Even though Kelton made himself at home abroad, he was very excited to come back home and play with all of his toys again!