Saturday, October 14, 2006

Tioga Pass - Exploring


Kelton explored many aspects of the High Sierra on our trip. One of his favorites were two abandonded mining cabins. He spent almost 2 hours running around inside, looking out the windows, and peaking through knotholes in the walls. He also had a great time dropping rocks through knotholes in the floor.
20060909-0472.jpg 20060909-0430.jpg

We also enjoyed showing Kelton a varitey of things we found. Here he is with a huge feather that David found. It was fun to wave around and fun to use it to tickle Daddy.
20060908-0330.jpg 20060908-0333.jpg

He was fascinated with the many gopher holes in the ground. We explained that "mice" lived in the holes. He would stop everytime he saw a hole, point, and make the mouse sounds. Kelton also enjoyed running up and down the slope of the glacial polished rocks and investigated the meadow grass up close.
20060909-0574.jpg 20060907-0165.jpg

Kelton learned the concept of big and small by playing with pinecones. He was looking at a medium sized one, and then I gave him a tiny one. He called the tiny one 'baby' and the other one 'mommy'. He still uses those words for anything that is little and big.

Some of the new words that Kelton learned on our trip were mountain (a-a), bird (crow), boo-boo, tree (E), and root. He enjoyed pointing to all the roots on the trail. He saw mommy roots and baby roots. We explained that roots were like feet to the trees and he seemed to understand that the tree above and the root underfoot were related. Kelton also loved picking up little rocks and handing them to us.
20060910-0724.jpg 20060910-0710.jpg