Saturday, October 14, 2006

Tioga Pass - Splashing!


The lakes and streams of the High Sierra are incredibly beautiful and clear. Kelton was as drawn to them as we were. He couldn't wait to stick his toes in and feel the water.

20060907-0124.jpg 20060907-0103.jpg 20060907-0099.jpg

One day we visted the Tuolumne River and the water was pretty chilly so he was hesitant to get in and once he did he wasn't so sure about it.
20060908-0187.jpg 20060908-0196.jpg

He still wanted in the water so Daddy picked him up and showed him the fish, then held him over the water so he could kick at it without commiting to standing in the icy cold water.
20060908-0191.jpg 20060908-0204.jpg

The beautiful Fantail Lake was our favorite since it had a shallow sandy bottom and Kelton could really enjoy jumping off a little rock into the water, and just generally kicking around.

20060909-0545.jpg 20060909-0556.jpg