Saturday, August 05, 2006

Language log: more 2-word combos

Kelton hasn't really hit the two word stage yet, but I've seen a few inklings it may not be far away.

We were having fun chasing bugs on the trail last weekend but then they were gone. Kelton made the more sign (hand hits fist in front of chest) then the bug sign (wiggling antennae-fingers atop the head) -- then combined them for a while by touching his hands together on top of his head!

The last few days, he's taken quite an interest in Daddy's car when it's in the driveway, and has learned the distinction between Daddy's and Mommy's cars. He points to Daddy's car, saying "dada" while making the car sign (one fist moving up and down). He's so excited when Daddy's car is there that even after we've crossed the school parking lot across the street to begin our evening walk, where his attention would normally be full-steam ahead, he still looks back, says "dada" and makes the car sign again.