Sunday, July 20, 2008

Brotherly love

We decided Kelton would warm up faster to the new additions if they gave him a really spiffy gift, say a new bike. Kelton and I hit the bike shops a few weekends in a row back in the spring and Kelton loved his test rides, always asking to take one home with us in his earnest-but-not-irritating way that's so adorable. Then we stopped going and he forgot about it, not knowing his favorite was hidden away in the trunk of the Subaru.

But we didn't want it to feel like bribery so the other day after his hospital visit I took Kelton to the toy store to pick out small gifts for Brennan and Weston. He chose 2 cars over stuffed animals or musical instruments. At home he helped wrap them, and today he gave them to each boy as they nursed.

Then for the big moment, we presented him with his giant gift and watched him unwrap. In the final picture of this series, mounted and helmeted, he is receiving his safety lecture from Dad.

Here he is on one of his test rides in the spring: