Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Brighter still

9:04 AM: Weston Robert, 6 lb 14 oz
9:05 AM: Brennan Dennis, 4 lb 14 oz

It's done! We have two beautiful new sons, doing quite well as is their mother. The C-section was quick and a little anti-climactic compared to Kelton's natural birth, but we're just glad it went off without a hitch. And although "Baby B" (Brennan) turned out even smaller than the worrying estimates from a week ago, he's doing just fine, even if he doesn't quite have the full vim and vigor of his boisterous twin. A calm and peaceful child would be a welcome relief!

In an amusing twist of fate, Lisa's water broke 10 minutes before being wheeled into the operating room. Hats off to Dr. Rydfors for picking the optimal date for delivery!

They may be twins, but they couldn't look more different. Brennan is the spitting image of Kelton as an infant, just smaller. Weston, on the other hand, brings a whole new look to the family. He's got quite a bit of hair, dark and silky smooth now that he's all cleaned and dried, and a recessed chin.

Too tired to write much more. Here are the best photos from today.

First, Weston. He cried loudly for most of his first hour in the nursery:

Now for Brennan:

Those were all from the nursery in the first hour or two of life. Later, reunited with Mom and with the first breastfeeding under their belts, a calmer scene emerged. First Weston then Brennan: