Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Embarazada is the Spanish word for... pregnant. And yes, folks, that's what this post is all about -- Lisa is indeed pregnant! We always laughed at that Spanish translation... what's embarassing about being pregnant? Well, we're not embarassed about that, but I am embarassed we haven't written about it here until now -- because not only is she pregnant, she's pregnant with twin boys, and what's more she is scheduled to deliver by C-section tomorrow morning!

The above shot was taken by Kelton back in March at about the halfway point, on a weekend getaway to Carmel -- our last, since Lisa's mobility went downhill fast after that. Note the low angle and cropped head emphasizing the jutting midsection, the subtle humor of the repeating curves -- OK maybe I'm an over-proud Daddy, but Kelton has become quite the photographer over the last few months. More on that another day, but for now just a couple more of his images of pregnant Mommy:

We're glad we told Kelton early on. His immediate excitement was dashed just as quickly when he asked Mommy "but why are there two baby outfits?" and was told the twins part of the story. He saw the consequences for his own spoiled lifestyle and spent a few weeks trying to negotiate us down to a singleton. When that didn't work, he agreed to the twins, but on two conditions: that they live in Antarctica, and that we not give them names. I didn't even realize I'd explained Antartica to him!

Later it got a bit worse (he wanted to put them on the cutting board and chop them up) but finally he came around and started to share out excitement. Now he collects pill bugs for them in the yard. And he got interested in playing the big brother role, learning to feed and burp a baby using a doll we bought him, though not without some anxiety:

Most fun of all, he discovered that he is pregnant himself. In a fit of one-upmanship, he concluded there are triplets in his uterus, but they are not babies, they are kitties. Here he is comparing bellies with Mommy, just about a week ago:

Since we're just hours from the birth, I might as well skip to the chase and show some more pictures of Lisa nearing the end of her odyssey:

Lisa sure had an appetite throughout the pregnancy. To show that you truly get what you ask for, compare this before-and-after...

Many more posts to follow, I am sure. Plus I will try to gradually fill in highlights from the past year. Kelton has developed a ton and we have lots of pictures, but he's kept us too busy to organize and post them. Seven weeks of paternity leave should help fix that!