Saturday, February 12, 2005

T-shirt and sandals in February?

The weather Thursday was extra fine. While Mom was off having ice cream with her pregnant-ladies group, Kelton and I decided to hit the pavement and try out his Baby Bjorn carrier. Felt great to be dressed so light. People were out everywhere, bicycling, working in their gardens, or passing time in one of the playgrounds. We circled through some of the streets in Community Center where we'd love to find a house. Then we circled through the little redwood grove in Rinconada Park and peeked in the outdoor pool where swimmers were doing laps. It's hard to say what Kelton made of it all. On the one hand, he was zonked out or at least subdued for most of the hour's walk, but on the other hand he had been fussy beforehand.

When Mom got home she was jealous so we went out again later, this time with camera. (It was a bit chillier by then.)

bjorn-doorway bjorn-doorway-closeup bjorn-google bjorn-spanish-house

We ran in to Francisca and daughter Victoria along the way.


Yep, certainly been enjoying getting outdoors. The day before, we took a sunset stroll around the Palo Alto Baylands.

Photo_020905_004 Photo_020905_002 Photo_020905_007 Photo_020905_008

And in case you're wondering about the Google hat, it was part of a "new dad kit" they sent me. (Google goes the extra mile for its employees' personal lives in all sorts of ways, just as it does for their work lives.) See the full regalia below -- gotta start the branding process early!