Sunday, March 13, 2005

El Nidito

Whaddaya know, we appear to have bought this house:

front-left back

entry-stairs living-room

sunroom den

kitchen family-room

master-bed master-bath-balcony

yard-brick-wall yard-back

We're in contract, anyway. We still have to get through inspections and all that, and we wonder if we're out of our minds saddling ourselves with a pad like this in pricey Palo Alto. But we're excited, that's for sure. Tons of charm, tots of light in the house and in the garden which has a wisteria, lemon and palm tree, lots of room for Kelton and a future brother or sister, and a great yard to play in.

It's named El Nidito, The Little Nest, according to a wrought iron sign by the front door.