Wednesday, February 23, 2005

San Francisco, then quiet time with Nana and Papa

Today the gang headed up to San Francisco. We ate lunch at our old favorite, House of Nanking, a place we once took Nana and Papa to over a decade ago. Then to avoid crowds (since Kelton shouldn't be exposed to too many germs yet) we strolled through some of the fancy hilltop homes near the Presidio and toured the Golden Gate Park arboretum. A stop at the beach and evening drive down the coast completed the trip. We were thrilled that Kelton could handle an 8 hour day like that without complaint -- just a few nursing and diaper stops -- which bodes well for future travel!

We didn't take any pictures, but once we got home we slowed things down with a candlelight dinner and family time, and out came the camera. David danced with Kelton as Ella softly sang in the background:

There's nothing in this whole world too good
For a boy so sweet and true
Gee, baby ain't I good to you

Then Papa rocked Kelton to sleep during dessert:

IMG_5507 IMG_5509