Sunday, October 30, 2005

Baby school at the pumpkin patch

With everyone's first Halloween fast approaching we decided to have a baby school field trip to the pumpkin patch. The babies had a great time exploring the pumpkins and trying to eat the straw.

Our little pumpkins in the pumpkin patch left to right are: Kaden, Evie, Aidan, Kelton, Maya, Arthur and Maya.

Here are Evie, Maya and Aidan in the pumpkin patch and then Kaden inspecting the geese. Finally there's Arthur saying hi to Kaden with their mommies Zoey and Karn.
IMG_9812 IMG_9808 IMG_9813 IMG_9826 IMG_9769

Here are the mommies with babies in the pumpkin patch. The first is a posed photo taken by Karelle, the second is a behind-the-scenes view.
IMG_9834 IMG_9800