Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Baby school - painting revisited

We did painting for baby school while Kelton's Nana and Papa visited. It was wonderful to have extra help in keeping everyone out of trouble. Also Papa took a bunch of great photos while we painted.

Here's a look at the chaos of a whole group of babies painting at once.

After smearing his paint around on the paper, Kelton decided to stick his whole face into his painting and then grab my glasses so we're both covered in red paint.
DSC00133 DSC00145

In the following pictures you can see Asher and Paige just beginning to paint. Then Maya, sitting with Lorraine, is surveying her work, while Karn is watching as Kaden is just having a great time. Aidan is looking adorable while he's washing up his hands afterwards.
DSC00128 DSC00139
DSC00162 DSC00148

Finally after we're all done here's the artistic results: