Saturday, October 29, 2005

The pumpkin patch

Kelton woke us up early one beautiful Saturday recently so we headed for the pumpkin patch at Lemos Farms in Half Moon Bay. Kelton had a wonderful time there.

He was fascinated by the straw. He would grab a handful, inspect it carefully and then try to stuff it in his mouth.
IMG_9699 IMG_9646

We visited the petting zoo where there were a bunch of very friendly goats. Kelton was intrigued by the animals
But some were maybe a bit too forward for Kelton's taste.
IMG_9610 IMG_9618

Kelton also liked the pumpkins. They were fun to play with. Some pumpkins were even big enough to sit on. A favorite pumpkin was one big enough stand up next to and bang on.
IMG_9635 IMG_9669

The pumpkin patch also had a scarey Frankinstein monster that daddy saved Kelton from. Of course it's hard to avoid mommy kisses anywhere.
IMG_9654 IMG_9674

The highlight for Kelton was getting to ride in the wheelbarrow.

Finally at the end of our trip we headed home with our pumpkins in the wheel barrow; several orange pumpkins and a very cute little pumpkin in a blue hat.
IMG_9738 IMG_9746