Sunday, February 12, 2006

My day in San Francisco

Last weekend I met up with Auntie Nikki in San Fransisco. I had a nice little nap in the car on the drive up so I was rested and ready to run when we got there. The first stop of the day was at an awesome playground near Fort Mason. There were swings, and I love to swing, and a wonderful play structure shaped like the golden gate bridge.
20060205-0019.jpg 20060205-0035.jpg

There was also a nifty metal slide. Mommy taught me how to turn around and go down the slide backwards all by myself.
20060205-0043.jpg 20060205-0041.jpg

The nifty warm blue coat I'm wearing in the photos above was a first birthday present from Auntie Nikki. After the playground we walked to a little restaurant for lunch. After lunch Mommy and Auntie Nikki stopped for a coffee and Daddy caught me smuggling a bag of beans.

Then we walked back to Fort Mason with our coffees and Auntie Nikki and Mommy took turns taking photos. I got to be in all the photos.
20060205-0124.jpg 20060205-0099.jpg

Then Auntie Nikki headed off to her her improv class, and we walked along the bay. I was entranced by the waves. Here I am showing off my newly learned pointing skill.
20060205-0142.jpg 20060205-0141.jpg

After all that business I was tired and rested in the grass for a moment.

Lastly we ran across a little art fair. One of the painters, named Zanne , was wonderful and she showed me how her umbrella worked. I thought it was hilarious. She kept running it up and down for me making me laugh and laugh.
20060205-0178.jpg 20060205-0166.jpg
All in all it was a very full day and I think I was asleep before we pulled out of the parking lot on the drive home....