Monday, May 29, 2006

On the move!!!


Kelton loves to move and explore. During our time in Italy he graduated from walking to running. David and I also had to step up the pace to keep up with him. Above is a post-gelato night shot of Kelton revved up and racing around a piazza in Florence. Pisa was great for running since the Field of Miracles, where the main sights are located, is a wonderful grassy field far from the road.
20060504-1387.jpg 20060503-1292.jpg

The Cathedral has a couple of marble steps leading to a marble path all around, that Kelton loved to practice going up and down on, running around on top of and chasing pigeons all over.
20060503-1324.jpg 20060503-1345.jpg 20060503-1319.jpg
He also got to run around inside the Cathedral and the Camposanto Cemetery. It is a good thing that the Italians, including museum guards, really do love babies!
20060503-1257.jpg 20060503-1258.jpg
20060504-1462.jpg 20060504-1453.jpg

We spent a lovely morning at the University of Pisa's Botanical Garden. It was founded in 1543! Kelton enjoyed touching the flowers while sniffing his flower sign, and was fascinated by the flight of the maple tree's winged seeds.
20060504-1371.jpg 20060504-1374.jpg

Other touching experiences included petting a dog outside the Santa Miniato Church, where he also got to meet a priest, and feeling the water in a fountain in the Santa Spirito Piazza.
20060425-0529.jpg 20060423-0093.jpg

Even a stroller ride could be exciting when daddy was in control.