Monday, July 03, 2006

A hot summer's day in the park

On Saturday Kelton flew to Ohio to visit Grandma and Grandpa. On our first day we visited the park to run around. It was a lovely, fun park, even if it was 90 degrees plus about 90% humidity! Kelton's cheeks turned very rosy. I got a portrait of the guys taking a little rest. Next Kelton is checking out grandpa who is trying to take his picture. Kelton also enjoyed climbing the steps up and down on the play structure. One of his favorite games is zoom-zoom. Here's daddy racing him around the trees and over the grass making motor noises. Kelton asks for more and more zoom-zoom until daddy just about collapses.

IMG_6310.jpg IMG_6304.jpg
IMG_6305.jpg IMG_6294.jpg

We visited the park again in the evening with grandma too, but we didn't take any pictures.