Sunday, July 02, 2006

My new sandbox

I just got a giant sandbox and castle! The castle has a ladder that I just learned to climb, a platform for surveying the yard, a wheel for piloting the castle and a groovy slide that I finally learned how to use. I dove down with too much enthusiasm the first time and landed on my head, good thing that mommy had put a pillow at the end of the slide for the first couple of days. Now I'm an expert at the slide and I land bottom first in the sand. I was so excited about my sandbox, that before the sand was added I fell into the box headfirst when poking at the bottom with my shovel. Mommy got that little accident on videotape. Here I am in my sandbox mowing the sand.

IMG_6255.jpg IMG_6243.jpg

My friend Maya came over on the first day I had my sandbox. We both had fun playing in the sand. Then she decided to play with my hat, so I decided to wear mommy's hat and she wore Maya's hat. It was silly. Maya also liked my mower, here we are negotiating using it.
IMG_6259.jpg IMG_6262.jpg