Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kelton starts preschool


This fall Kelton started preschool! He goes once a week for 2 hours and since it's a parent co-op David and/or I go with him. He loves to go to school. He's learned to say school and gets excited when we get there. When Nana and Papa came to visit, we all went to school, and I was free to take some photos.

The structure of the day is simple. First the kids get about 45 min to play with whatever they want inside or outside. There are lots of toys and activities to choose from, but Kelton usually plays outside for whole time. Here's Kelton enjoying a tricycle ride with Papa and climbing in and out of a toy car.
20061004-0120.jpg 20061004-0074crop.jpg

Next is a short circle time inside which Kelton isn't very interested in. But that is followed by hand washing which is lots of fun with Nana's help.
20061004-0138.jpg 20061004-0139crop.jpg

Next is snack time. I'm always amazed that all the kids will sit together for about 10 min and enjoy their snack while teacher Judy reads stories.
20061004-0161.jpg 20061004-0165crop.jpg

Snack time is followed by more play time. This week Kelton enjoyed playing the piano with Nana and Papa. He also spent some closeup time with his favorite metal fire engine.
20061004-0177crop.jpg 20061004-0179.jpg 20061004-0173.jpg 20061004-0195.jpg

School ends with bubbles and circle time with songs. By this time Kelton is tired from his busy morning and, after chasing the bubbles, he is happy to sit in my lap for a few minutes before we head home for lunch and a nap.