Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Latest changes and news

Kelton's grasp is getting much firmer. Also, he's learning when to use it -- for example, to stop me from taking off his shirt, or to hold on to my shirt when I want to put him down. He's becoming a stronger kicker too. He's more inclined to stretch out once in a while, though still prefers to curl into a ball most of the time. He likes to walk up my chest then face as I hold him out at an angle.

He's met a bunch more folks lately: Taylor & Ron, Suji & Dan, and Caroline, Don & Elliot. And we even took him to an open-house down the street -- but probably shouldn't have since it was quite crowded with who knows what germs floating around (even though it was a dull house going for $1.9 million... sigh).

Had the diaper change from hell the other day. No less than 3 excretory events midstream (so to speak) as things unravelled. Wait, 4, he spit up too. Had to change everything but the furniture. Took a photo of the devestation but will spare you, gentle reader.

We got Kelton's toy shelf finished and installed. Mommy painted it blue and I added hooks. It's got lots of colorful toys hanging from it to entertain baby while we change him. No photos of it yet.

We have our video camera! We've taken about an hour of footage and Lisa has edited one short movie, so soon we should have them posted here.

Heavy rain the last 2 days and nights... must be payback for teasing the audience about our T-shirt February.