Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Giant Trees - Adventures of Captain K-man Completed

For his last adventure with the Record gang, Captain K-Man visited the giant sequoia trees. He felt pretty little standing under one. Of course even Daddy looked little since the sequoia trees are the most massive living things. Kelton found that the bark was fun to touch even if it left a few tiny spliters behind. Since they were smaller than his ghost town splinters he didn't even notice.
IMG_8463 IMG_8471
Even though it was a hot day, Captain K-Man still enjoyed a smackaroo from Daddy, and he was just happy to be out and about in the trees instead of strapped into his carseat.
IMG_8475 IMG_8493

While we were resting from our downhill hike Sandy and Kathryn shared a grand-moment together. Then Kathryn helped me take a picture in the trees by putting on her sunglasses.
IMG_8498 IMG_8500

Kelton thought the trees were neat but not as neat as Daddy's glasses - what kind of super-powers do these have?

This ends this chapter of Captain K-man's adventures. We were sorry to say goodbye to the Record Gang as they flew back to Maine & New Hampture. If you want to follow their adventures here's a link to the Record blog http://danaerec.blogspot.com/ .