Wednesday, September 14, 2005

May Lake

One of the places we hiked to in Yosemite was May Lake. It's a very beautiful high altitude lake and it was a gorgeous warm sunny day. I wonder why they call it May Lake, since in May it's usually frozen solid under a blanket of snow... Anyway we found a cozy spot on the shore and put down my blanket. I had fun playing with Dad. Mom wouldn't let me touch the camera even though I kept trying.
IMG_9077 IMG_8996

The heather growing by the shore was really fun to touch.

The reflections and sparkles on the lake itself were also fascinating. The patterns kept dancing and moving around.
IMG_9088 IMG_9121

After a lovely afternoon at the lake it was time to head back. The temperature drops rapidly so I got all bundled up. Here's me playing with Mom after a little snack stop on the way back to the car.