Sunday, August 21, 2005

My highchair

I just got a highchair! Grandma and Grandpa sent it for me. Here's me all strapped in and playing with a new toy.
IMG_8511 IMG_8518

Now that I have a nifty new highchair I get to eat solid foods. First I got rice cereal and that was pretty boring. I think mom and dad took a video of that event. Next I got sweet potatoes and pears. Those are much tastier. Now I eat peas, carrots, squash, oatmeal, applesauce and bananas too. But pears are still my favorite. Soon I'll get to try avocados.

Sometimes I really like to eat a lot, sometimes it's way too slow and I get a little impatient and sometimes I'm just not in the eating groove. Mom and Dad say I make a lot of funny expressions when eating. What do you think? Here's some photos of an eating session where I just wasn't really in the mood.

IMG_8676 IMG_8674 IMG_8692 IMG_8689 IMG_8661 IMG_8683