Thursday, September 29, 2005

With Nana and Papa in San Francisco

On Friday Daddy took the day off work and we went to San Francisco with Nana and Papa and did lots of neat things. First everyone admired how tall the TransAmerica building is. Everyone else was looking up but I thought mom was more interesting since everything is taller than me anyway. Here's what Papa saw through his lens.
DSC00237 IMG_9264

Our first stop was House of NanKing in Chinatown. Since it's everyone's favorite restaurant in San Francisco, Papa got a picture of all of us out in front. He even captured the owner, in the left edge of the frame, out getting his newspaper.

After lunch we spent a long time wandering by the shops in Chinatown. Nana and Daddy showed me lots of fascinating things including a rubber dragon, a wooden snake, silk flowers and oddles of glasses.
DSC00258 IMG_9285
IMG_9280 DSC00252

And here's the gang wandering the back streets of Chinatown in a posed and an unposed shot.
IMG_9300 DSC00267

After all our roaming around Chinatown we got tired and hungry so we stopped in at Cafe Roma in North Beach. Everyone else got coffee and a cookie, but I was stuck with sweet potatoes and peaches out of a jar. After eating I had fun playing with Nana. I was so excited that I kept flapping my arms.
IMG_9316 IMG_9328

In our wanderings we ran across this neat playground! It was my first time on a swing all by myself. I wasn't quite sure what was up at first, but then I really liked it. Now mom takes me to the park and I love to swing. I still don't really like the slide but Daddy says that I will get the idea soon.
DSC00275 DSC00273

From the playground we walked to Pier 39. We saw the sea lions, I wasn't super interested in those noisy critters so we went inside and I got to play on the arcade machines. What a lot of nifty colored lights!
DSC00296 DSC00299

Finally we had dinner at the Pier. I got to sit in a booster seat for the first time. I was still too little for it really so Mom and Nana held onto my legs the whole time so I wouldn't slip under the table. Who knows how long it would take to find me under there?

After all that I fell asleep in the car all the way home. What a busy day!