Sunday, February 26, 2006

Language log: bird, banana, mama, dada

We seem to have entered our first word spurt. Birds and planes never escape Kelton's gaze nor his pointing finger, but only now does one of them have a name: bird comes out "beu" or "irda" (for birdie). Banana came out for the first time when a still-hungry boy pointed from his high chair to the counter where we cut up his banana bits. I looked at him and said banana, and he thought for a moment then clearly enunciated "nana". And then over and over -- we got through a whole banana that way! Since then he says "nana" at random, but moreso when we're eating one. Lastly, those "ma-ma-ma" and "da-da-da" sounds finally seem to mean something! "Ma-ma" isn't just the desperate whine of a hungry boy, but a word to use when Mom comes ino the room. And "da-da" pops out in the middle of excited play with Dad, or when seeing him still lying in bed when he's just woken up for the day. And he can turn his head toward either of us if asked.