Monday, May 29, 2006


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Kelton loves books. He calls them ba-bas. He loves when we read to him. Our bedtime routine always includes sitting in the comfy chair with Kelton snuggled in our lap and reading a few bedtime stories. He used to enjoy whichever book we chose, but as he's gotten older he's gotten more specific and more emphatic about which book he wants. Now he'll even go get the book he wants and bring it over to the chair. Now he tries to strech out bedtime by asking for more and more ba-ba's.

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His first favorite book, which is now on the top of the list again, was "Way Out In the Desert". The next favorite was "Where the Wild Things Are", and he knew all the embellishments, like the wild thing dance that daddy added to the story, and Kelton would do them too. The next favorite book was Dr. Suess's, "One Fish, Two Fish". In particular he loved the page with the Gack. He's learned to say Gack and he thinks it's very funny. Gack! Actually it is very funny when he says it. Now we're back to "Way Out In the Desert" and starting to warm up to "Paddding Bear in the Garden".
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Kelton also enjoys reading his board books by himself. Here he is searching for the one he wants.

Some of his favorites are:
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